What to Expect During Your Child’s Sports Physical

As the weather warms up here in Orlando, sports seasons are opening up to tryouts. Whether your little one is joining a soccer league this summer, has their heart set on baseball, or stars on the local swim team, chances are that before they’re accepted …

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Direct Primary Care & Pediatrics

Optimum Direct Care is a membership-based, direct primary care (DPC) practice that includes pediatrics. What does DPC mean? Essentially, we work exclusively for you and your family – not big and overbearing insurance companies. The way we practice medicine is a fundamental change from what …

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American Heart Month: What Is An EKG?

February is American Heart Month – a time where we pause to acknowledge the millions of families that are impacted by heart disease each and every year. Heart disease is a huge issue globally but particularly here in America, accounting for more than 25% of …

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Top 5 Reasons Why People Go To Urgent Care

Every year over 89 million people visit urgent care centers to treat some form of illness or injury, and those numbers continue to climb. While many people think of urgent care as a last resort for an urgent illness or injury, statistics show that the …

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What Is Direct Primary Care Medicine?

There are a lot of different healthcare models out there, and it can be overwhelming for patients to try to figure out the difference between these models and, more importantly, understand how they directly relate to the type of care they receive so they can …

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Direct Primary Care vs. Insurance

Over the last several decades health insurance coverage has expanded dramatically, and many plans now encompass everything from the catastrophic to the routine. Unfortunately, along with that expansion came soaring increases in patient responsibility. The healthcare statistics are staggering. Since 2011, the average patient’s health …

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“Dr. Muzzi goes above and beyond for her patients. She really takes the time to listen and understand my questions, thoughts, and concerns. She helps educate me while also respecting my choices and preferences, which is very important to me as a mom. I know my family is receiving the best possible care under Dr Muzzi. I’ve never experienced another doctor so passionate about truly helping her patients. She goes above and beyond for us, and we are truly grateful to have her in our lives! Her nurse Erin is awesome and takes great care of us as well!”