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Direct Primary Care Doctor Based in Orlando, FL

Membership-Based Health Care for Children and Adults

Optimum Direct Care is a direct primary care practice that has completely removed insurance companies from the health care equation. As a result, our board-certified family practice physicians are able to practice medicine outside the insurer-imposed “box.” Free from the cost constraints mandated by third parties, Optimum Direct Care provides health care that is always and exclusively in the best interest of our patients, not a 3rd party.

We believe – and we think you’ll agree – that a trusted doctor-patient partnership is the foundation for effective health care. Extended face time between the doctor and patient is essential for building this type of strong relationship. By jumping off the ever-spinning “insurance treadmill,” ODC has made it possible to for our physicians to take ample time with every patient. As skilled listeners, our physicians will gain a thorough understanding of your unique health concerns and provide personalized guidance to help you through your health care decisions. This is why we believe that direct primary care is truly the optimal healthcare model for all patients and how we make massive improvements to our patients’ health and wellbeing.

Understand the Difference With Direct Primary Care

Convenient, Comprehensive Health Care When You Need It

Unrestricted Access

Availability When You Need It

Illness and Injuries can’t be planned. Receive the personalized healthcare you need when you need it. In addition to same-day or next-day in-office appointment availability, our care team provides telemedicine care via voice, video conferencing, and text.

More Time With Your Doctor

Never Feel Rushed

A strong and enduring doctor-patient relationship is the key to effective health care. As direct primary care providers, our physician team can spend ample time with you to discuss your needs and concerns. We’ll get to know you personally and deliver personalized care.

Foundation for Good Health

Take Control of Your Well-Being

At Optimum Direct care, we don’t just make the sick well, we make the well stay that way! Many of the serious issues that affect people later in life are a result of ailments that come with early warning signs. When you have a primary care physician that knows you inside and out, those warnings signs can be caught, and action can be taken early. When you become a member of our practice, we will discuss your diet, health history and habits so that we can guide you along the path to long-term optimal health.

Free Prescription Medications

Save Time and Money

For your convenience, you can fill many of your office-prescribed medications right at the Optimum Direct Care office for no extra cost! You’ll save time, too, as you won’t have to make all of those trips to the pharmacy to drop off and pick up your prescriptions.

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Our board-certified family physicians value patient interaction and practice medicine with a personal touch


As a valued member of our practice, you’ll have unlimited access to a wide range of direct primary health care services.


Optimum Direct Care will provide personalized medical attention and a comprehensive primary care plan custom fit to your needs

Take Control of Your Health

Achieve Optimum Wellness

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When I left my corporate job to start my own business, one of many new challenges was finding quality health care. When I was starting to look for a new Primary Care Doctor, a peer recommended Direct Primary Care. I did some research and found Dr. Muzzi. In the years leading up to finding Dr. Muzzi, the way I think about my health evolved to fit a more modern view of health and science with a focus on overall wellness and preventative medicine. I was surprised and delighted on my first visit to find Dr. Muzzi not only shared this view, but was practicing medicine in this way. Focusing on my overall wellness rather than treating symptoms has improved my quality of life and undoubtedly add quality years to my life. Dr. Muzzi knows me. She knows what I do for work, where I travel, sports and activities, our pets, what I wear to Burning Man and even knows my Dad (who approves!). Taken at face value, this may seem like a cute note to show that we’re friendly. But this depth of knowledge is organically woven into the care she provides every time we speak and my health is better for it. I never imagined Dr. Muzzi existed before I found her. Now, I can’t picture a future of my healthcare without her. If the traditional Doctor / Patient relationship makes you feel like you’re stuck in I4 traffic (frustrated & certain no one will ever fix it) and you want to change that, you’re in the right place.

Bill F.
Rating : 5

“The switch to Dr. Muzzi took some getting used to. I am not accustomed to Doctors actually calling me back promptly nor spending quality time with me analyzing my complete medical make up. In this medical era of “get them in and get them out quickly”, her approach is professionally refreshing.”

Mike. F
Rating : 5

“We learned of Dr. Muzzi and her staff via our cost sharing provider, Liberty Health Share. We chose to join the practice because Dr. Muzzi is an excellent physician, she can see and treat our whole family, and we can have 24-hour access. The direct primary care model is SO much more convenient and gives me additional piece of mind. Dr. Muzzi goes above and beyond for her patients. She really takes the time to listen and understand my questions, thoughts, and concerns. She helps educate me while also respecting my choices and preferences, which is very important to me as a mom. I know my family is receiving the best possible care under Dr Muzzi. I’ve never experienced another doctor so passionate about truly helping her patients. She goes above and beyond for us, and we are truly grateful to have her in our lives! Her nurse Erin is awesome and takes great care of us as well! If you want the best care possible, and the added peace of mind of direct access then look no further! ”

H. Miller
Rating : 5

“There is no better care available than with Optimum Direct Care (ODC). We have been with Dr. Muzzi and Erin for several years now. The attention to detail, quick response and holistic approach to your health is unrivaled. They provide peace of mind for always knowing you can reach your doctor anytime. There is no waiting, no repeating who you are and your history over and over. No making multiple calls to the doctors office for requesting your prescription refills or holding your breath to be able to make an appointment for urgent care. We love the direct care model as we were part of another similar practice in the area before coming to Dr Muzzi. However they charged not only premium prices for monthly membership but in addition a top dollar price for every visit. With ODC it is just your monthly membership fee. Our family highly recommends Dr. Muzzi and ODC. They feel like our extended family.”

J. Andrew
Rating : 5
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