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About Optimum Direct Care

As a direct primary care provider based in Orlando, Florida, Optimum Direct Care takes an innovative, patient-first approach to providing primary health care. How? We’ve completely eliminated insurance companies from the equation, which means you won’t have to worry about coverage limits, claims, copayments, or deductibles. Instead, you’ll pay a set monthly membership fee that entitles you to unrestricted access to our board-certified family practice physicians, as well as all of the primary health care services you need.

Because Optimum Direct Care is not burdened with the trivial administrative tasks required by insurers, such as preparing and maintaining volumes of paperwork to cost-justify our patient interactions, we don’t need a large patient pool to support the associated overhead expenses. As a result, our patient-to-doctor ratio is much lower than that of most traditional primary care providers. The bottom line is that we have more time to do what we do best – practice medicine.

Our Direct Primary Care Providers

Dr. Muzzi

Born and raised in southwest Florida, Dr. Muzzi graduated from the University of Florida in 2003, then attended medical school at Nova Southeastern University College of Osteopathic Medicine in Fort Lauderdale. After graduating in 2007, she went on to complete her family practice residency at Botsford Hospital in Farmington Hills, Michigan, and became a board-certified family practice physician in 2010. Her specialties and areas of particular interest include nutritional evaluation and counseling, type 2 diabetes prevention and management, metabolics, obesity management, coronary artery disease prevention and early detection, women’s health, pediatric care, and office-based procedures.

Dr. Muzzi has come to value patient interaction more and more after seeing firsthand how unlimited access to a physician can have dramatic and potentially life-changing effects on her patients’ health. As a direct primary care doctor, she is able to spend ample time with – and get to know – each of her patients. And, because Optimum Direct Care doesn’t have to answer to insurance companies, we are able to act in the best interest of our patients at all times, without any third-party interference. This level of personalized attention from a doctor, which is virtually nonexistent in a traditional primary care setting, leads to greater satisfaction for both patients and physicians, as well as optimum health outcomes.

Dr. Hall

Dr Jaime Hall is a board certified family physician. Although she has lived in many places, Dr. Hall grew up hiking the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. She began her career doing clinical research in Type 1 Diabetes, where she discovered her love for educating and partnering with people to improve their health. She received her medical degree at Ross University School of Medicine, where she first had the opportunity to study and live in Florida. She completed her family medicine training at Florida State University’s Family Medicine Residency Program in Fort Myers, Florida. She served in a large and growing family practice in Fort Myers for an additional three years prior to joining our team at Optimum Direct Care.

Dr. Hall strives to provide evidence-based, individualized care while affirming the autonomy and values of her patients. She believes that people are empowered to live their healthiest lives when they are given clear, honest, and nonjudgmental counsel so they can make the best decisions for themselves. For this to work, it is essential to develop a patient-physician partnership that is built on mutual understanding, trust, and respect. Dr. Hall believes this is best achieved through the emphasis on time, transparency, and relationship-building that is possible in the Direct Primary Care (DPC) practice model.

If you would like to make Optimum Direct Care your direct primary care provider, contact us today. We’re based in Orlando, FL, and are proud to serve patients from central Florida communities.

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