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What Is Direct Primary Care?

Direct primary care (DPC) is a novel take on the traditional health care delivery system. Rather than working through insurance companies, the health care relationship is directly and solely between the patient and physician.

In essence, the DPC model takes the practice of medicine back to its common-sense roots – a time when physicians were able to get to know their patients because they weren’t forced to practice within the unreasonably tight time constraints now imposed by insurers. Direct primary care practices do not accept insurance of any kind, eliminating the associated red tape and allowing physicians to build rapport with each patient.

Why Choose Membership-Based Primary Care?

The doctors of a bygone era knew their patients personally. Over the years, the practice of medicine has changed dramatically, mainly due to the involvement of middlemen insurers who often dictate the nature and cost constraints of the doctor-patient relationship. As a result of the administrative burdens imposed by insurance companies, today’s traditional medical practices typically must have a panel of several thousand patients in order to cover the associated costs. This significantly reduces the amount of time a physician is able to spend with each patient.

Think about your most recent consultation with a primary care physician in a traditional medical practice. Your experience may have gone something like this: After waiting weeks or months for your appointment day, you probably had to wait some more – in an uncomfortable reception area full of sick people. When your appointment time finally arrived, you likely ended up with just a few fleeting minutes with an overbooked physician, who may have grabbed and speed-read your chart at the door, then breezed in and out before you had a chance to ask all of your questions. This scenario is frustrating not only for patients but also for physicians, especially those who value patient interaction.

Why Shouldn’t I Just Use Insurance for My Primary Health Care Expenses?

As a form of risk management intended to protect you from financial loss, insurance can play an important role in covering the costs associated with life-threatening emergencies, hospitalizations, and specialist care for complex illnesses and injuries. However, using insurance to pay for primary health care services, which are frequently needed and relatively predictable, simply doesn’t make sense. DPC is a practical alternative that ultimately allows physicians to practice medicine more effectively by having the time to listen to, empathize with, and care about their patients.

At Optimum Direct Care, our goal is to provide health care that is in your best interest, regardless of whether it fits within the cost-control constraints mandated by an insurance company. By providing you with convenient access to a physician you know and trust at a predictable cost, we’ll allow you to take better control of your health and ultimately inspire you to learn and maintain healthy habits over your lifetime.

If you’re interested in becoming a member of our direct primary care practice, contact Optimum Direct Care today. In the meantime, check out these helpful articles on direct primary care:

Meet an ODC Physician to Discuss if Direct Primary Care is Right for You

If you’d like to meet with one of our physicians and discuss how you could benefit from a membership at Optimum Direct Care, please contact us to schedule a meet and greet call or appointment at our office.

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