How Much Does Direct Primary Care Cost?

How Much Does Direct Primary Care Cost?If you’ve become frustrated with having to wait a week or longer to see your doctor, you might be interested in exploring alternatives to the traditional primary health care model. One option is direct primary care (DPC), a practice model in which patients pay a set monthly membership fee up front without any third-party involvement. You can see your DPC doctor as often as you like – without the hassles of dealing with an insurance company.

The DPC Advantage

As a DPC member, you establish a close and productive relationship with a doctor you trust. You benefit from same-day or next-day appointment availability for non-emergency urgent care and routine preventive care, as well as telemedicine consultations via voice, video conferencing, and SMS text. And, you never have to worry about meeting high deductibles, paying on-the-spot copays, or completing complicated insurance forms in order to receive the primary health care services you need.

The Monthly Membership Fee

If all of this sounds great, your next question is probably, “How much does it cost?” Like many people, you are probably concerned about the rising cost of health care. In fact, according to the most recent data available from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), the average American spent $9,596 on health care in 2012, which was up significantly from $7,700 in 2007.

You might be surprised to learn that DPC is quite affordable. At Optimum Direct Care, a DPC practice located near Orlando, FL, our membership fees range from $40 to $150 per month based on a patient’s age. We also offer group discounts. And, because we’ve completely eliminated health insurance companies and other third-party payers from the primary health care equation, you don’t need to pay high insurance premiums for primary health care services (however, we do recommend that you still carry “catastrophic” insurance coverage for health-related emergencies, hospitalizations, and specialist care for complex illnesses and injuries).

If you’re considering DPC, contact Optimum Direct Care. We’ll be happy to answer your questions and tell you more about our practice and our doctor, Dr. Toni “Muzzi” Muzzonigro.

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“Dr. Muzzi knows me. She knows what I do for work, where I travel, sports and activities, our pets, what I wear to Burning Man and even knows my Dad (who approves!). Taken at face value, this may seem like a cute note to show that we’re friendly. But this depth of knowledge is organically woven into the care she provides every time we speak and my health is better for it. ”

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“There is no better care available than with Optimum Direct Care (ODC). We have been with Dr. Muzzi and Erin for several years now. The attention to detail, quick response and holistic approach to your health is unrivaled. They provide peace of mind for always knowing you can reach your doctor anytime. There is no waiting, no repeating who you are and your history over and over. No making multiple calls to the doctors office for requesting your prescription refills or holding your breath to be able to make an appointment for urgent care. We love the direct care model as we were part of another similar practice in the area before coming to Dr Muzzi. However they charged not only premium prices for monthly membership but in addition a top dollar price for every visit. With ODC it is just your monthly membership fee. Our family highly recommends Dr. Muzzi and ODC. They feel like our extended family. ”

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