Board-Certified Family Practice Physician Offering Direct Primary Care in Orlando, FL

Direct Primary Care Orlando FLOptimum Direct Care is a direct primary care practice serving individuals and families in Orlando, Florida, and surrounding communities. We offer a modern take on the strong doctor-patient relationship of days gone by, before third-party insurers became so prevalent. As it was many years ago – and as we believe it still should be – our board-certified family practice physician, Dr. Toni “Muzzi” Muzzonigro, is able to act in the best interest of her patients at all times, without any interference from insurance companies.

A Smaller Patient Panel Means More Personalized Care

At Optimum Direct Care, we’ll make your health our top priority. We’re able to do so because our patient panel is smaller than that of most traditional primary care practices, which must have a panel of several thousand patients in order to cover the substantial overhead expenses associated with completing and maintaining the volumes of paperwork required by insurers. With a smaller membership group, we are able to provide more personalized care, as well as more convenience for our patients.

As a member of Optimum Direct Care, you’ll have unrestricted access to a direct primary care doctor who will provide all of the primary health care services you need. With unlimited office appointments, you can visit Dr. Muzzi in person at our newly leased office, which is located at:

7575 Dr. Phillips Boulevard, Suite 370
Orlando, Florida 32819

You can also confer with Dr. Muzzi remotely at any time via voice, video conferencing, or SMS text, which means you can receive personalized health care advice on your schedule – not ours.

No matter how you choose to consult with Dr. Muzzi, you won’t have to worry about hidden fees or out-of-pocket expenses, such as insurance copayments, deductibles, and coinsurance. Instead, your set monthly membership fee will cover all of the services you receive from us, including preventive care, urgent care, health management, generic prescriptions from our formulary, and in-office procedures.

Meet Dr. Muzzi to Discuss Direct Primary Care Services

If you’d like to meet Dr. Muzzi and learn more about direct primary care benefits or our membership plans, please contact us to schedule a personal appointment at our office in Orlando, FL. We’re located near the Marketplace at Dr. Phillips, an easily accessible retail area that features many popular restaurants and shops, which means we’re most likely on the way to somewhere else you need to go.

Optimum Direct Care

7575 Dr. Phillips Boulevard, Suite 370
Orlando, FL 32819

Monday-Friday 9AM - 5 PM


7575 Dr. Phillips Boulevard, Suite 370
Orlando, FL 32819
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“The switch to Dr. Muzzi took some getting used to. I am not accustomed to Doctors actually calling me back promptly nor spending quality time with me analyzing my complete medical make up. In this medical era of “get them in and get them out quickly”, her approach is professionally refreshing.”

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