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Membership Cost

Optimum Direct Care offers individuals and families an innovative way to receive comprehensive health care services. As a membership-based medical practice with a patient-first culture, we’ve taken insurance companies completely out of the equation, eliminating the coverage uncertainties, copays, deductibles, and claim submission requirements that go along with them. Instead, for a set monthly membership fee, we offer unlimited direct primary care (DPC) services and unrestricted access your primary care team.


An enrollment fee of $150 will cover your initial onboarding and your membership through the month of enrollment.

Monthly Membership Fee

All of the services provided at Optimum Direct Care are included in our monthly membership fee. As we typically have increasing healthcare needs as we grow older, our membership fees are set by age.

24 or younger with parent member$50
24 or younger without parent member$90
25 through 39$115
40 through 64$150
65 or older$180

Group Discounts

We offer discounts for groups of two or more members that do not qualify for the “24 or younger with parent member” pricing*:

  • 5% off for two members
  • 10% off for three to six members
  • 15% off for seven or more members

*For example, two parents and their five year old child would qualify for a 5% discount off of the entire family’s membership fees while one parent with a five year old child would not qualify for any group discount.

Corporate Discounts

If you are an employer and would like to provide Optimum Direct Care membership to your employees, call us to discuss your team’s needs and we can discuss our corporate discounts.

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