Our Plan and Pricing Structure

Direct Primary Care CostTo help you achieve and maintain good health throughout your life, Optimum Direct Care offers a comprehensive, membership-based health plan. Read on to gain an understanding of the cost associated with our direct primary care services.

The Health Foundation Plan

Our Health Foundation Plan lays the groundwork for your overall well-being. You’ll have unrestricted access to our board-certified family practice physician, Dr. Toni “Muzzi” Muzzonigro. A knowledgeable and compassionate doctor who will get to know you personally, Dr. Muzzi will ensure that you are educated, empowered, and supported in all of your endeavors to take control of your health.

Plan Services

As a member of our Health Foundation Plan, you’ll receive all of the primary health care services you need with:

  • Unlimited office visits, including preventive care, urgent care, chronic disease management, in-office procedures, educational resources, and more
  • Unrestricted telemedicine consultations via voice, video conferencing, and SMS text
  • Multiple expert opinions from a network of top specialists through RubiconMD
  • Free generic prescriptions from our formulary
  • Discounted medical imaging and lab testing services
  • Specialist/hospital care coordination

Plan Pricing

After an initial sign-up fee of $150 (the sign-up fee is waived for patients age 17 and younger), you’ll pay a set monthly membership fee based on your age:

24 or younger with parent member$40
24 or younger without parent member$75
25 through 39$95
40 through 64$125
65 or older$150

In the event your membership lapses or is canceled, you must pay the lesser amount of $200 or the total balance of membership fees for the lapsed months to reinstate each membership.

Group Discounts

We offer discounts for groups of two or more members that do not qualify for the “24 or younger with parent member” pricing*:

  • 5% off for two members
  • 10% off for three to six members
  • 15% off for seven or more members

*For example, two parents and their five year old child would qualify for a 5% discount off of the entire family’s membership fees while one parent with a five year old child would not qualify for any group discount.

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