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Abscess Incision and Drainage Performed in Orlando, FL

An abscess is a painful infection that occurs when an oil-producing gland or sweat gland becomes obstructed and traps bacteria. While abscesses can form anywhere on the body, they often develop in the armpits, in the pubic region, at the base of the spine, around teeth, and around hair follicles.

Usually, an abscess will not heal on its own or even with antibiotic treatment. Instead, the pus must be drained to promote healing. To do so, a doctor can perform a relatively simple, in-office procedure known as abscess incision and drainage. In the meantime, it is important not to poke at or otherwise touch the abscess, which can lead to complications such as sepsis and scarring.

What Does an Abscess Incision and Drainage Involve?

After numbing the area around the abscess with a local anesthetic, the doctor inserts a small scalpel or needle into the skin over the abscess and drains the pus. Some abscesses have more than one pocket of pus, all of which must be ruptured in order to thoroughly drain the infected debris. Afterward, the doctor rinses the wound with a saline solution to thoroughly clean it.

A relatively small wound may be packed with gauze bandaging to absorb any pus or discharge that continues to drain over the next 24 to 48 hours. A large or deep wound may require the placement of a drain to hold it open and allow it to continue to drain as it heals.

Typically, the entire procedure takes less than an hour. Any complications—such as pain, bleeding, and scarring—are usually mild. The doctor will provide detailed instructions on how to change the bandage, clean the wound, and watch for signs of infection, such as worsening pain, redness, swelling, bleeding, and fever.

If you develop an abscess and you are a member of Optimum Direct Care in Orlando, FL, you can have an abscess incision and drainage procedure performed by Dr. Toni “Muzzi” Muzzonigro. Contact us to learn about our membership-based direct primary care practice and services today.

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