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What Is the Definition of Direct Primary Care?

What Is The Definition Of Direct Primary Care?

What Is the Definition of Direct Primary Care? Orlando FLMaybe you’ve heard the buzz about direct primary care (DPC), but you aren’t exactly sure what it is. In essence, DPC is an innovative alternative to the traditional, fee-for-service primary health care model. In exchange for a predictable monthly membership fee, DPC members receive unlimited primary health care services – without any interference from insurance companies. This means DPC members effectively have primary health care services “on tap,” without having to deal with coverage uncertainties, copays, deductibles, claim submission requirements, or other insurer-imposed hassles.

The defining element of DPC is a trusted and enduring doctor-patient relationship. DPC patients have unrestricted access to the primary care physician of their choice, and DPC physicians are accountable first and foremost to their patients – not to third-party insurers. For these reasons and others (see below), DPC is being embraced by patients, physicians, and health care policymakers alike.

Better Health Outcomes

DPC is revolutionizing the delivery of primary health care services. By increasing access to physicians, facilitating authentic therapeutic relationships, and ensuring comprehensive care, DPC helps patients achieve better health outcomes and enriched quality of life.

Lower Health Care Costs

DPC practices provide a fully transparent pricing schedule up front, allowing members to make meaningful cost comparisons in advance and better budget for their primary health care expenses. A patient pays a flat monthly membership fee directly to the practice, without any third-party involvement or fee-for-service billing systems to inflate costs.

Enhanced Patient Experience

DPC members have unrestricted access to their primary care physician whenever necessary, for whatever amount of time is appropriate, and in whichever way is most convenient – whether that’s an office visit or a telemedicine consultation via voice, video conferencing, or SMS text. This flexible structure fosters a more relaxed and streamlined patient experience.

Join a DPC Practice in Orlando

If you’d like to find out how you can benefit from the latest advances in primary care medicine practiced with a personal touch, contact Optimum Direct Care in Orlando, FL. When you become a member of our DPC practice, you’ll feel like you have a doctor in the family.

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