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What If I Am Healthy & Rarely Go to the Doctor? Can Direct Primary Care Help Me?

What If I Am Healthy & Rarely Go To The Doctor? Can Direct Primary Care Help Me?

What If I Am Healthy & Rarely Go to the Doctor? Can Direct Primary Care Help Me? Orlando FLYou may have heard the buzz about direct primary care (DPC) – the membership-based primary healthcare system that provides unlimited access to a doctor for a single monthly fee. That type of arrangement might sound great for people who have chronic health conditions, as well as those who just get sick a lot. But, does it make sense for someone who is generally healthy and rarely sees a doctor? Absolutely!

To be sure, when you join a DPC practice, your doctor will always be there for you when you’re sick or injured. But, there’s so much more to DPC. Your doctor will get to know you personally, and together you’ll work to keep you healthy, happy, and free of preventable diseases over your lifetime.

DPC Is a Paradigm Shift

Many Americans have become accustomed to the fee-based primary healthcare system, which focuses on treating illnesses and injuries rather than preventing them in the first place. Under this system, insurance companies are for the most part unwilling to compensate doctors for encouraging healthy lifestyle practices or detecting early signs of health issues. It can be challenging for patients to break out of this mindset, but there are many benefits to doing so.

The fact is that when your primary care doctor is always available to you, even – and especially – when you’re healthy, it is much easier to stay that way. Once the signs of a chronic illness appear and prompt a visit to the doctor, it may be too late for prevention. Under the watchful eye of a doctor who knows you personally and truly cares, you’ll be more likely to stay healthy – and out of hospitals and emergency rooms.

Optimum Direct Care

Optimum Direct Care is a DPC practice in Orlando, FL. Our goal is to help you maintain optimum health for life. As such, we prioritize prevention and healthy lifestyle practices. And, whenever you need medical attention, our board-certified family practice physicians will be available to help you get back on track.

There’s no better time to take control of your health than right now. Contact Optimum Direct Care today to inquire about membership.

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