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Direct Primary Care: Is It The Right Choice For You and Your Family?

Direct Primary Care: Is It The Right Choice For You And Your Family?

As insurance prices soar, and the experiences in traditional healthcare leave much to be desired, more people are choosing Direct Primary Care (DPC) – an innovative alternative to the traditional, fee-for-service healthcare model. Is it the right choice for you and your family?

How DPC Differs From Traditional Healthcare

DPC takes primary healthcare back to a time when doctors could practice medicine with more freedom, and doctor-patient relationships were trusting and long-lasting. But, unfortunately for both doctors and their patients, insurance requirements and restrictions have chipped away at the relational aspect of healthcare.

Price Transparency

Much like traditional practices, DPC practices offer comprehensive primary healthcare services – but, unlike traditional practices, many DPC practices do not accept insurance. Getting rid of the middleman allows the doctor to pass along savings to the patient in the form of free generic prescriptions from the office formulary, in-house lab testing at no additional cost, and more. Instead of paying separately for each service and each ailment, the patient pays one set monthly membership fee.* Most importantly, the DPC healthcare model fosters the development of a strong doctor-patient relationship built on trust and transparency. This relationship between doctor and patient truly helps the patient achieve optimum health throughout their wellness journey.

More Doctor Availability

Since a Direct Primary Care doctor has fewer patients to attend to, they are able to focus on each individual, which leads to personalized care. Having a family physician that gets to know the medical history and needs of every person in your family is priceless.

DPC physicians are also available to their patients during extended hours and in more convenient ways. For instance, in addition to same-day and next-day appointments, many DPC physicians are accessible to their patients 24/7 via voice, videoconferencing, and SMS text. Through the use of the latest technologies, DPC physicians are able to provide quality care for their patients while keeping sensitive information safe and secure.

DPC practices like Optimum Direct Care, prioritize our patients. This is rare in the healthcare industry, which is not known for its outstanding customer service. If all of this sounds good to you, the team at ODC would like to welcome you to our family practice in Orlando, FL.

Meet with our board-certified family practice physicians and find out how she can make a true difference in your health and wellness. 

*DPC patients are encouraged to purchase a relatively low-cost, wraparound insurance plan to cover healthcare services that extend beyond primary care, such as hospitalizations and specialist care for complex illnesses and injuries.

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