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Direct Primary Care Organizations

Direct Primary Care Organizations

Direct Primary Care Organizations Orlando FLDirect primary care (DPC) is an innovative primary healthcare model that helps people stay healthier while spending less on healthcare. Unlike traditional primary care practices, which are forced to serve the needs of insurers, DPC practices eliminate the “middlemen” and exclusively serve the needs of their patients. In exchange for a set monthly membership fee, DPC patients receive unrestricted access to their primary care physician and unlimited primary care services – without having to worry about copays or other insurance company hassles. It’s almost like having a doctor in the family.

Who Supports DPC?

As more people – both physicians and patients alike – are recognizing that honesty and price transparency are the building blocks of a strong and productive doctor-patient relationship, the DPC movement is gaining traction across the nation. Others are firmly on board as well. For instance, some noteworthy organizations that support DPC include:

  • Access Healthcare Direct
  • American Academy of Family Physicians
  • Association of American Physicians & Surgeons
  • American College of Osteopathic Family Physicians
  • Direct Primary Care Coalition
  • DPCMH (Direct Primary Care Medical Home) Association
  • DPC Alliance
  • DPC Nation
  • Family Medicine Educational Consortium
  • Free Market Medical Association
  • IAmDirectCare
  • PanZoe
  • Physicians Proviso
  • Primary Care Progress
  • Samaritan Ministries
  • United Physicians and Surgeons of America

Optimum Direct Care

At Optimum Direct Care, a DPC practice located in Orlando, FL, we believe DPC is emerging as the centerpiece of an effective healthcare system. Why? Most notably, because DPC is improving primary healthcare in three key ways: access, cost, and quality. If you’ve grown tired of high copays, ridiculous wait times, and rushed doctor visits, why not join the hundreds of thousands of Americans who are already benefiting from DPC? Contact us to learn more. We’ll help you decide if our practice is right for you.

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