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Direct Primary Care vs. Insurance

Direct Primary Care Vs. Insurance

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Over the last several decades health insurance coverage has expanded dramatically, and many plans now encompass everything from the catastrophic to the routine. Unfortunately, along with that expansion came soaring increases in patient responsibility.

The healthcare statistics are staggering. Since 2011, the average patient’s health insurance deductible has increased by a whopping 49%. What’s more, the majority of patients are enrolled in high-deductible plans that require them to pay upwards of $1,000 out of pocket before their insurance even kicks in. 

With insurance plans covering a fraction of their medical costs and frustration with extended wait times and poor quality of care mounting, it’s no wonder that so many people are searching for alternatives to primary care – and many are finding it with Direct Primary Care (DPC).

What Is Direct Primary Care?

Direct Primary Care is an innovative alternative approach to healthcare. Instead of centering around deductibles, co-pays, and out of pocket costs, DPC (Direct Primary Care) simplifies things for the patient by removing insurance from the equation altogether. For a low, fixed monthly membership fee you get unrestricted office visits with your physician, access to same-day or next-day appointments (in person or via telehealth), unrestricted after-hours access to your physician via text for urgent matters, and a whole suite of benefits like in-office diagnostic testing, free well women’s exams, chronic disease management, vision screening, and more. 

Direct Primary Care eliminates many of the most frustrating aspects of the traditional healthcare system for patients such as long wait times, rushed office visits, lack of availability when it comes to appointment scheduling, and a lapse in the patient/provider relationship. Many non-DPC (Direct Primary Care) doctors find themselves rushed, constricted by the boundaries of insurance, and unable to devote the time necessary to form a personal relationship with their patients and understand their concerns on a deeper level. It leads to a healthcare system that’s inefficient, unengaged, and dispassionate. 

How Is Direct Primary Care Different From Insurance

Many patients may not know this, but physicians who operate under insurance-based models are often limited by bureaucratic red tape that, in many cases, inhibits their ability to provide quick treatment. For instance, a PCP (Primary Care Physician) cannot address questions about a medical issue you’ve been experiencing during your annual wellness visit. Instead, you have to schedule a separate “sick visit” through the office, return on a separate day, and then are able to proceed with getting treatment or a diagnosis. It’s a ludicrous approach, but one that’s the byproduct of a system that relies on stringent paperwork and the “ticking of boxes” to provide reimbursement. 

When you eliminate insurance from the equation, you provide physicians with the freedom to fast-track their patients’ needs and improve the overall healthcare experience for the patient by allowing them access to more quality time with a physician who is focused on delivering attentive patient care rather than fulfilling insurance company requirements. It’s a win-win for everyone! 

Our Promise To Patients

At Optimum Direct Care, we believe convenient access to a trusted physician who knows you well is a key component of your good health. With us, you can establish a productive and enduring doctor-patient relationship that serves as the foundation for your optimum wellness throughout your life. If you’re ready to explore DPC (Direct Primary Care), contact us to arrange a meet-up with our board-certified family practice physicians, who will be pleased to tell you more about our practice.

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