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How Direct Primary Care Benefits Employers

How Direct Primary Care Benefits Employers

On Average, a direct primary care (DPC) member has 59 percent fewer emergency room visits, spends 30 percent fewer days in a hospital, and is referred to specialists 62 percent less often than a similarly situated patient in a traditional primary care practice. 

As an employer, Direct Primary Care can benefit you and your employees. How? By proactively supporting the health of your employees, you can re fduce absenteeism, increase productivity, and enhance engagement – all of which can improve your bottom line.What’s more, health care is probably your company’s biggest expense after payroll, so it’s imperative to make the right choice for your employees.

What Is Direct Primary Care?

DPC is an alternative to traditional fee-for-service insurance billing. Without having to meet the burdensome requirements imposed by third-party insurers, the doctor and patient has more freedom. A DPC practice has less administrative paperwork to process, so it can be supported by a smaller patient panel than a traditional primary care practice. As a result, the doctor is able to spend more quality time with each patient.

Patients Value Facetime with Doctors

The traditional health care system can be very frustrating as a patient. According to recent research findings published in the American Journal of Managed Care, every time a patient seeks health care in a traditional primary care setting, they must allocate an average of 121 minutes to the task, including approximately 37 minutes of travel time and 87 minutes spent at the doctor’s office. Out of the 87 minutes in office, they get 8-10 minutes of face time with their doctor, less than 10 percent of the time invested in seeking health care. 

At Optimum Direct Care, a DPC practice in Orlando, FL, our patients have a vastly different experience. In addition to same-day (or next-day) in-office appointment availability, our doctors provide unrestricted telemedicine consultations via voice, video conferencing, and SMS text. And, regardless of how a patient chooses to consult with our doctors, the patient will never feel rushed. All of our health care services are provided in a relaxed setting in which patient questions are welcomed and encouraged.

Benefits for Employers

By choosing DPC as a health benefits offering, your employees will clearly benefit – and so will your company. Many employers find that DPC is a convenient way to ensure quality care, enhance employee health, and provide a competitive advantage for recruitment and retention purposes.

If you’d like to make DPC available to your employees in the Orlando, FL area, contact Optimum Direct Care for more information.


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