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Ingrown Nail Repair in Orlando, FL

Ingrown nail repair may be required if the side of a fingernail or toenail curls downward and grows into the surrounding skin. The symptoms of an ingrown nail include pain, swelling, warmth, and redness.

The most common cause of ingrown toenails is wearing shoes that are too tight. Also, fingernails and toenails can become ingrown if the nailbed is damaged or if the nail is not trimmed properly —nails should always be cut straight across, not rounded or pointed. An ingrown nail should never be cut at home due to the risk of infection.

What Does Ingrown Nail Repair Involve?

Treatment for a mildly ingrown nail may be performed at home. Here’s how:

  • Soak the affected hand or foot in warm water for 10 to 30 minutes to soften the nail and skin, then dry it thoroughly with a soft towel.
  • Lightly massage the skin around the ingrown nail.
  • Carefully scrape the skin at the sides of the ingrown nail with a nail file or cuticle stick to remove dead skin cells.
  • Gently lift the edge of the ingrown nail and push a small piece of gauze or cotton underneath it. This will create space for the nail and encourage it to grow away from the skin. Replace the cotton at least once a day as needed.
  • Wear open-toed shoes to avoid irritating the ingrown nail as it heals.

To treat a severely ingrown nail, a doctor can perform a minor in-office procedure. After numbing the affected finger or toe with a local anesthetic, the doctor will remove the skin over the ingrown nail with a scalpel, then remove all or part of the ingrown section of the nail. After the ingrown nail repair is complete, the doctor will provide appropriate aftercare instructions, which may involve soaking the affected hand or foot, applying antibiotic cream, keeping a bandage over the ingrown nail site until it heals, and taking an over-the-counter pain reliever, if needed.

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