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Medical Imaging & Radiology

The key to effective treatment for any health condition lies in an accurate diagnosis. In some cases, the diagnostic process involves medical imaging. For instance, when evaluating an illness or injury, Dr. Toni “Muzzi” Muzzonigro – the board-certified family practice physician at Optimum Direct Care – may order an imaging test, such as an:


Used for diagnostic purposes for more than a century, X-ray technology is continually growing more sophisticated and precise. X-ray images remain a vital tool for diagnosing many common illnesses and injuries, such as pneumonia and bone fractures.

Computed Tomography (CT) Scan

Combining multiple X-ray images taken from various angles, a CT scan provides highly detailed, cross-sectional views of the inside of the body. In addition to revealing complex bone fractures and internal bleeding, a CT scan can help a doctor diagnose heart disease, emphysema, or cancer.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Scan

Unlike X-rays and CT scans, which use radiation, MRIs use a powerful magnetic field, radiofrequency pulses, and a computer to produce highly detailed images of soft tissue structures near and around bones, blood vessels, and organs.


Also known as sonography, ultrasound uses high-frequency sound waves that travel freely through fluid and soft tissues but bounce back from denser objects, such as solid tumors and gallstones. The resulting “echoes” are then collected and used to create images of the body’s inner structures. Ultrasound technology has many applications; for instance, it can be used to evaluate the heart, blood flow, a breast lump, or fetal development.

Professionalism & Technology You Can Count On

As a member of Optimum Direct Care, you can receive any imaging tests ordered by Dr. Muzzi from a trusted provider in Orlando, FL, at a discounted rate. We can recommend a radiology specialist with proven expertise, helping to ensure that you receive a safe and accurate test at an outstanding imaging facility while benefiting from the comfort and convenience of being cared for close to home. And, as soon as your test result is ready, Dr. Muzzi will review it with you.

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