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Sore Throat Treatment in Orlando, FL

Sore throats are very common. Just about everyone is familiar with that ominous throat tickle that comes on very suddenly and then progresses into a full-fledged sore throat within just a few hours. This type of discomfort can occur for a variety of reasons ranging from the common cold and flu to allergies and voice strain. There are more serious causes, too, such as strep, tonsillitis, and mononucleosis.

Whatever the cause, there’s no need to let a sore throat ruin your day. Effective treatment is available, and if you’re a member of Optimum Direct Care in Orlando, Florida, you can receive it any time from our board-certified family practice physician, Dr. Toni “Muzzi” Muzzonigro.

When Should You Seek Medical Attention for a Sore Throat?

In addition to being painful, a scratchy throat can sometimes lead to complications if left untreated. You should see a doctor right away if your sore throat is very severe, lasts longer than a week, or is accompanied by:

  • Difficulty breathing or swallowing
  • Bloody saliva or phlegm
  • Fever
  • An earache
  • Joint pain
  • A skin rash

We Offer Expedited Care for a Sore Throat

At Optimum Direct Care, we have an on-site clinical lab, which allows us to provide rapid strep testing and streamlined care for our patients. Once Dr. Muzzi pinpoints the source of your discomfort, she can recommend an appropriate sore throat treatment plan, which may include an antibiotic or pain-relieving medication. In addition, you should rest – both your body and your voice – as well as stay well-hydrated, gargle with warm salt water, and avoid irritants like cigarette smoke until you feel better.

If you need sore throat treatment, don’t delay; contact Optimum Direct Care in Orlando, FL. And, if you’re not yet a member of our practice, now’s a perfect time to think about becoming one.

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