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What Does Direct Primary Care Mean?

What Does Direct Primary Care Mean?

What Does Direct Primary Care Mean?Direct primary care (DPC) is a health care trend that is sweeping the nation and increasing the satisfaction of both patients and doctors alike. Anyone who is familiar with the current state of health care in the U.S. will recognize that this is no small feat. So, what’s going on, and what does “direct primary care” really mean?

DPC Differs From Concierge Medicine

In some ways, DPC is similar to concierge medicine, but there is an important distinction between the two health care models. While both types of practices are membership-based, many concierge providers also bill insurance companies, while DPC practices do not. By keeping insurers out of the picture, a DPC practice can avoid the typical insurance company hassles, as well as the need to employ a large staff to deal with those hassles on a daily basis. This translates to a huge decrease in overhead expenses, enabling a practice to keep its patient panel small and its membership fees affordable.

A Focus on Wellness

In exchange for a simple, flat monthly membership fee, DPC members have unfettered access to a doctor they know and like, both professionally and personally, as well as a full range of primary care services. There is no waiting involved; consultations often take place on the same day or the next day (or through telemedicine via voice, video conferencing, or SMS text) and there are no limitations with regard to time or frequency.

What’s more, the entire health care experience is streamlined. The doctor already knows the patient’s medical history, is fully prepared to discuss any recent test results, and is able to take all the time necessary to talk through any issues the patient would like to discuss. Together, the doctor and patient create a customized plan to keep the patient as healthy as possible for life.

Some experts believe that DPC represents the future of health care. If you’re ready to get on board, contact Optimum Direct Care today.

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