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Why Small Businesses Should Use Direct Primary Care

Why Small Businesses Should Use Direct Primary Care

Why Small Businesses Should Use Direct Primary CareAs a small business owner, you wear many hats. In addition to furthering the success of your company, you must constantly search for opportunities to save money and keep your employees happy. One way to achieve all of these goals is to offer direct primary care (DPC) as a health benefits option. This will help ensure that the people you count on to run your organization will stay healthy – and will be there when you need them.

While DPC is a great option for a company of any size, it is especially beneficial for small businesses. Here’s why:

The Cost of Traditional Health Insurance Has Become Astronomical

Rising costs are making it increasingly difficult for small businesses to provide their employees with access to good medical care. This can make it challenging to attract and retain workers, driving up the costs of recruiting and training. In response, some small business owners are resorting to high-deductible health insurance plans, cutting benefits entirely, or instituting a hiring freeze and simply using independent contractors.

As a cost-effective alternative to traditional fee-for-serve health insurance, DPC is a better option. For a set monthly fee, patients receive the personalized health care they need, whenever they need it. By keeping workers healthy, DPC can make a small business more profitable.

DPC Is Attractive to Employees

DPC is designed to foster a close doctor-patient relationship, which naturally leads to a more personalized health care experience and, ultimately, a healthier and happier employee. DPC plans also make it easy to add on family coverage for spouses and children, which is an added bonus.

DPC Will Reduce Absenteeism

With unlimited access to a primary care physician, patients are more likely to seek preventive care and urgent care when they need it, which means they will be less likely to get sick and, when they do, they will be more likely to recover quickly. Fewer employee absences and sick days can make a big difference to a small business.

At Optimum Direct Care – a DPC practice based in Orlando, FL – we understand that choosing health care benefits for your employees is a big responsibility. It can also be confusing and intimidating. We’re here to answer your questions. Contact us today.

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